FAQ pretty much the answers only:


3D printed parts:
All 3D printed parts come without any surfacetreatment.

It is delivered as printed and some unperfections is natural and need to be accepted due to the printing process.

All parts have, if possible, been manually checked for fitment before shipping.

Installation hardware in the package in most cases if needed, along with installation manual.

Most 3D printed parts can be modified before production if you have special needs.

All parts come printed in Black if not other requested, colour on pages are to better show shapes and curves in the design.


IF YOU DISCOVER your recieved 3D printed unit does not fit at all or something obviouse is wrong. It might have happened something during design phase or printing phase.
Message me and we will find out what have happened and solve the issue the best we can.

Metal fabricated parts:

Don’t come finished welded or surface treated, of the simple reason you might need to adjust it to your exaxt application.