What car modells do you get R-Sport Seatcovers for?
* R-Sport seatcovers are primairy sold to 200-700-900-800 and S70/ V70. From 2013 it is possible to order for newer cars than 2000 modell. Such as S60, V70N, XC70 etc. The design is similar to the older ones, if not exactly the same.

Are R-Sport covers compatible with Airbag seats?
* On carmodells with Airbag as standard equipment the seatcovers are adapted for that purpouse, so that the function of the Airbag stays normal. For example in S60 the covers are not stitched all togeather on the Airbagside of the seat, so that it can operate as it should in an emergencie.

Does the seatcovers come with any warranty?
* Yes, we personally give you a warranty that the fitment and quality is perfect. Any missuse or damage to the covers during use or mounting withdraws that warranty. This is a simple product to install and should not be possible to damage during that prosses J please read the manuall before installing.

How do i pay for the seatcovers?
* All seatcovers have to be pre-paid in it’s full to our bank account. We do not offer the option of «payment on reciving», becouse the covers need to be specially orderd at the factory.
Becouse Paypal takes of our marginal profit on these covers we sadly can not offer that as a payment method, it cost money to withdraw the cash, sadly.

How long is the waitingtime and shippingtime for seatcovers when I order?
* Waitingtime is about 1-2 months, depending on the season and if there are more covers in for production at the same time.
The time it takes is from the Payment is complete. Shippingtime depends on Your location, USA = aprox. 1-2weeks.

Does the Covers come with a usermanual how to install them?
* Yes, a usermanual in Norwegian and English is included in the package, along with mountinghooks and a «tool» to hook it up with.

3D printed parts:
All 3D printed parts come without any surfacetreatment. It is delivered as printed and some unperfections is natural and need to be accepted due to the printing process.
All parts have been manually checked for fitment before shipping. And installation hardware if needed is supplied, along with installation manual.